Curley Wurley the Clown 

Treading clumsily on the great traditions of Clowning, Curley Wurley will amuse and delight as he draws you into his world of huge groans, silly gags and barmy props. 

Rotundly charming he moves through a crowd putting smiles on the faces of children, adults and pigeons alike. 

Mr Twit Towhoo

Adie the Magical Entertainer

Adie Magic

Adie will provide brilliant, humorous and refreshingly mystifying magic to satisfy every corporate and social entertainment need whilst maintaining the highest level of professionalism, humour and quality.

Br Ineptio 

The Burley Hurleys

Why not invite the Master Magician and his Bumbling Apprentice to your party. 

Howl with laughter as the clumsy assistant tries to do magic like his boss the mystical, magical sorcery. See what life is like behind the scenes in this larger than life drama. 

Easter Bunny